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Empower your remote agents with innovative visual communication tools. 10X your CX, slash AHT, and maximize FCR.

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Unleash Remote Call Center Potential With Innovative Software

Grypp’s virtual call center software transcends industries, empowering remote agents to visually showcase products, verify identities, optimize interactions, and process payments securely from anywhere.

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Virtual Call Center Platform Empowers a Remote Workforce

Case Study: Enhanced Agent Productivity

A prominent global organization sought to improve customer experience and boost agent efficiency, turning to Grypp for assistance.


Grypp’s cutting-edge virtual contact center software was first implemented in a controlled trial, enabling smooth interaction between agents and customers across multiple channels.


Following a highly successful pilot, the enterprise embraced Grypp’s platform across their entire contact center network, yielding remarkable results:

on all interactions
Customer Satisfaction
measured through NPS

Virtual Call Center Solution Features

Intuitive Interface

Empower remote agents with a user-friendly platform to streamline tasks.

Real-Time Visuals

Upgrade interactions with visuals, effortlessly upsell and cross-sell.

Security & Compliance

Easily comply to security standards and industry regulations.

Video Streaming

Swiftly identify and fix problems. Tailor customer experiences.

Shared Browsing

Leverage screen-sharing on all channels for enhanced communication.

Interaction Recaps

Sum up customer discussions across channels to re-engage later.

Digital Signatures

Obtain e-signatures and complete transactions within one interaction.

Identity Confirmation

Efficiently validate customer IDs, adhering to all KYC requirements.

Secure Payments

Accept secure and compliant payments remotely and safely.

“By far, Grypp is the best platform we have ever implemented”

Associate Director, Development

Next-Generation Virtual Call Center Software

Turn your virtual call centers into revenue generators

Provide a cohesive and captivating experience that amplifies conversions, customer loyalty, and sales revenue — all at the same time.

Equip your call center agents for success

Empower your agents with essential tools to reduce customer churn, streamline average handling time, and optimize first-call resolution in a virtual environment.

Effortless integration with your existing software infrastructure

Seamlessly integrate Grypp with your current systems through a no-code, open API cloud connection. Rapid deployment and accelerated ROI are within reach.

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Discover how Grypp can revolutionize your remote call center operations in just a few minutes.

Enable remote agents with seamless, versatile visualization tools

Boost customer satisfaction and strengthen loyalty

Elevate key metrics, such as sales, AHT, and first-call resolution

Deploy quickly and reach an impressive 36x ROI rapidly