Digital Customer Engagement Platform
for Utility Companies

Revolutionize your utility call center with visual communication tools. Streamline operations and elevate CX like never before.

Average Handle Time

Utility Customer Engagement Platform
Features to Supercharge Customer Experience

Clear Bill Explanations

Visually clarify billing details to resolve customer inquiries in record time.

Hassle-Free Payments

Collect secure payments without needing sensitive card information.

Live Video Assistance

Deliver real-time video support for quick issue diagnosis and resolution.

Easy Meter Reading

Use visuals to assist customers with meter reading submissions.

Painless Booking

Streamline technician bookings with an intuitive visual scheduler.

Seamless Onboarding

Simplify onboarding processes with step-by-step visual walkthroughs.

Utility Customer Engagement Software in Action

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Customer Engagement Software for Utilities Case Study

Upgrading Legacy Call Centers to Outperform Digital Channels

Aiming to enhance its call center performance and match its digital channel’s success, a multinational organization turned to Grypp for assistance.


By equipping their agents with Grypp’s user-friendly visualization tools, the company quickly experienced significant improvements. Within weeks, they achieved increased attachment rates and conversions in their call center, surpassing their online channel’s results.

per quarter

from voice

Attach Rate

vs. baseline


on platform and support

Elevate Your KPIs

With a utility customer engagement software


Boost customer experience with seamless visual communication and support.


Safeguard customer privacy and ensure data security with a fully compliant platform.


Resolve customer concerns faster using visual assistance, improving FCR rates.

Cost savings

Optimize operations and slash costs through streamlined call center processes.


Minimize call durations through effective visual guidance and efficient processes.

Billing Accuracy

Assist customers with readings and submissions to eliminate errors.

“By far, Grypp is the best platform we have ever implemented”

Associate Director, Development

The Benefits of Using Grypp's Digital Customer Engagement Software for Utilities

Empower your call center

Enhance customer support with visual bill explanations, live updates, and real-time video assistance.

Optimize operations and compliance

Streamline payment processing, reduce AHT, boost FCR, and maximize CSAT scores — all while maintaining full compliance.

Rapid deployment, instant ROI

Achieve swift integration with Grypp’s no-code API, driving ROI and elevating customer experiences from day one.

Call Center Software for Utilities Demo

In just a few minutes, discover how Grypp will help you:

Equip your agents with user-friendly, powerful visualization tools

Delight customers and skyrocket CSAT levels

Supercharge KPIs like FCR, AHT, and security compliance

Deploy rapidly and generate up to 36x ROI in a matter of months