Healthcare Call Center Software

Transform your healthcare call center with HIPAA-compliant visual communication. Boost patient experience and streamline processes.

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HIPAA Compliant Call Center Software
Features to Improve Patient Experience

Secure Co-browse

Helps customers choose the right medical plan, providing real-time guidance and personalized assistance through secure co-browse and video streaming.

Guided Assistance

Guide patients in real-time through form filling, signing documents, uploading invoices, and reviewing coverage, reducing errors and saving time.

telehealth video Assist

Consult and resolve with video assist, enabling real-time patient interaction and efficient issue resolution, such as fixing medical equipment.

HIPAA Compliance

Ensure patient privacy and data security with a compliant platform.

ID Verification

Verify patient identities quickly while complying to regulations.

Post-Call Engagement

Enhance aftercare service by ensuring patients receive all necessary post-call information through web links, including documents and help guides for future reference.

Healthcare Customer Experience Solution in Action

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Hospital Call Center Software Use Case

Raising Customer Experience to New Heights

A leading company aimed to boost revenue without altering existing strategies. By focusing on enhancing customer experience, our global partner identified opportunities to improve value proposition communication and product selection.


Grypp was deployed in a controlled test, enabling real-time sharing of product information and value statements. The successful pilot led to full-scale implementation and impressive results.

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Attach Rate

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on platform and support

Elevate Your KPIs

With a hospital & Healthcare Call Center Software

Patient NPS

Enhance patient experience with seamless visual communication and support.


Facilitates digital engagement in a secure environment, supporting visual information display, document exchange, real-time verification, and digital eSignatures, all while safeguarding the confidentiality of patient.


Address patient concerns faster with visual assistance, improving FCR rates.

Cost savings

Optimize operations and slash costs through streamlined call center processes and cost savings associated with the reduction in NTFs


Reduce call durations with efficient visual guidance and streamlined processes.

Response Time

Shorten patient wait times and minimize abandonment by reducing average call time.

“By far, Grypp is the best platform we have ever implemented”

Associate Director, Development

The Benefits of Using Grypp's Call Center Software for Healthcare

Empower healthcare call centers

Enhance patient care with visual support, secure record sharing, and personalized consultations. Patients experiencing problems with medical devices or equipment can use video assistance to aid agents in troubleshooting.

Optimize operations and compliance

Enhance secure compliance and call efficiency with a fully HIPAA-compliant platform, using advanced tools like video troubleshooting, secure co-browsing, screen sharing, real-time document signing, and secure invoicing to provide personalized, knowledgeable guidance while maintaining high data security standards.

Seamless deployment, rapid ROI

Experience swift integration with Grypp’s no-code API, driving ROI and enhancing patient experience from day one.

Medical Call Center Software Demo

In just a few minutes, uncover how Grypp can transform your healthcare call center:

Equip your agents with powerful, user-friendly visualization tools

Elevate patient experiences and boost satisfaction levels

Enhance key metrics such as FCR, AHT, and HIPAA compliance

Implement swiftly and achieve a remarkable 36x ROI in just months