Customer Engagement Platform
for Telecom

Add visuals to your call center interactions.  Delight your customers and boost your sales.

Attach Rate
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Experience Platform
Features for Telecom Companies

Visualize Products

Show handsets and plans side-by-side to improve CX and conversions.

Accept T&C's

Slash AHT by visually reviewing and approving T&C's in seconds.

Secure Payments

Allow customers to pay securely without providing card details.

Second Chance to sell

Give undecided customers a link to prior conversations and convert later.

Live Video Call

Show off your products with video or easily diagnose tech problems.

Visual Bill Query

Visually reference a document to solve problems without friction.

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Case Study: Deploying Customer Engagement Platform in Telecom

Grypp Boosts Call Center Attach Rate and Conversions to Record Levels

A global Telco wanted to improve its call center performance to match its digital channel.


Because customers could visually compare products and plans online, but not during phone calls — the Telco needed some way to close this gap. They asked Grypp to help.


Grypp provided the Telco’s agents with visualization tools to easily present customers a range of handsets and plans. Within weeks of deploying Grypp, the Telco achieved record attachment rates and conversions in their call center, beating their online channel.

per quarter

from voice

Attach Rate

vs. baseline


on platform and support

Supercharge Your KPIs

With a Digital Customer Experience Platform for Telecom


Increase up-sell and cross-sell opportunities with engaging visuals on every call.


Remove friction, improve service quality, and give your customers exactly what they're looking for.


Bring clarity with visuals, diagnose complicated problems easily, and resolve customer issues faster.


Remove friction from your agent workflows and equip your team for success.


Save valuable time on every call. Stop explaining for minutes what you can show in seconds.


Minimize miscommunications and reduce the need for costly escalations.

"This is a fabulous tool, a real game changer for us in so many ways"


The Benefits of Using Grypp's Customer Engagement Platform in Telecom

Increase your call center revenue

Up-sell and cross-sell effortlessly with visual product comparisons. Easily follow up with and convert undecided customers with call history links.

Supercharge agent performance

Equip your agents to deliver a more personalized, customer-driven experience. Reduce AHT and escalations while boosting first call resolutions.

Deploy and drive ROI in 2 weeks

No need to wait 6 months for a complicated deployment. Grypp offers a no-code, open API for effortless integration into your existing systems.

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In just a few minutes, discover how Grypp will help you:

Empower your agents with intuitive, easy-to-use visualization

Delight your customers and improve customer loyalty

Supercharge KPIs like sales, AHT, and first-call resolution

Deploy rapidly and generate 36x ROI in mere months