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Customer Satisfaction
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Using Visualization to Improve CX and Increase Revenue

One of the leading global Telcos needed to improve revenue results from an established outbound B2B program, without making changes to embedded data and contact strategies. 

They explored how they could make positive changes in the ways they interact with their customers focussing on improving customer experience.

Offering a shared experience that converts


Attach Rate

vs. baseline



including technology and support resources


Attach Rate

vs. online rates


Additional Revenue

per quarter

Using Visualization to Inform Customers of Additional Services

One of our largest global partners reviewed the end-to-end customer journey and identified the key difference between the existing digital and voice journeys was in how the various options were presented to the customer. 

The Grypp platform was deployed and allowed advisors to present a wide range of options to customers in an easy-to-understand way which aided comprehension and improved attachment rates and ROI.

Deploying at scale, with speed

Product Selection



Fully integrated including stock availability


Full integration and deployment


Agent Adoption
in one week

Driving international sales through engagement

One of the largest online retailers in the US, with a product catalogue totalling more than 80,000 items was facing challenges with their online order process during a critical period of high revenue expectations.

Key to this deployment was the speed at which our partner could deploy. Within three days, they had integrated with the client’s product catalogue, including stock availability and in a further three days, trained over 90% of advisors.

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