Customer Engagement Platform
for Retail

Transform your retail call center with captivating visuals. Skyrocket sales, slash returns, and amplify customer loyalty.


Call Center Software
Features for Retail

Product Assistance

Help customers choose the right product and fit, reducing returns.

Simplified Returns

Streamline returns with easy visual guidance for customers.

Virtual Baskets

Build and visualize baskets together, eliminating mistakes.

Tailored Upsell

Maximize revenue with visualized warranty and service offers.

Live Video

Personalize customer assistance with live-video interactions.

Receipt Queries

Easily visualize receipts and resolve issues without friction.

Retail Call Center Software in Action

Discover Grypp

Retail Customer Experience Software Case Study

Boosting Global Retail Sales with Enhanced CX

During a high-revenue period, a top US online retailer with over 80,000 items faced increased call volume as advisors struggled to assist customers.


The retailer implemented Grypp, enabling advisors to share product details, images, and collaboratively build shopping baskets in real-time, replicating the online experience without significantly increasing average handle time (AHT).


The swift deployment was vital: in just three days, the partner integrated with the client’s product catalog and in another three, effectively trained the advisors, transforming customer support.


Fully integrated (including stock availability)


For full integration and deployment

Agent Adoption

In a single week

Supercharge Your KPIs

With a retail customer experience management software

Return Rate

Minimize returns with better product education and customer experience.


Delight customers and enhance loyalty with a seamless call experience.


Resolve issues faster with visuals, boosting first call resolution rates.


Promote warranties, services, and installations effectively using visuals.


Cut down call duration with efficient visual support and communication.


Strengthened customer relationships through personalized support.

“By far, Grypp is the best platform we have ever implemented”

Associate Director, Development

The Benefits of Using Grypp's Customer Engagement Platform in Retail

Unlock call center revenue potential

Maximize upsell and cross-sell opportunities with visual product promotion and guided customer support.

Empower your agents for success

Equip agents with powerful visualization tools, reducing AHT and boosting first call resolution rates.

Rapid deployment, instant ROI

Integrate Grypp within weeks using a no-code API, driving ROI and enhancing customer experience right away.

Call Center Software for Retail

In just a few minutes, discover how Grypp will help you:

Empower retail call center agents with user-friendly visuals

Boost customer satisfaction and foster loyalty

Enhance retail KPIs like sales, AHT, and first-call resolution

Deploy rapidly and generate 36x ROI in mere months