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Innovative scriptless co-browse solution that revolutionizes customer-agent interactions. Easily guide customers through your website, catalogue, or product with user-friendly co-browsing. Eliminate friction and 10X your CX.

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Guide and Delight Customers With Secure Co-Browsing

When customers struggle to navigate your website, locate what they need, or tackle complex issues, merely telling them what to do can lead to lengthy, frustrating calls. 


That’s why you need to show them.


Grypp’s co-browsing solution offers agents multiple safe (and encrypted) ways to visually guide customers, including screen-sharing and remote device control.

Ensure a smooth and secure collaboration between agents and customers without the hassle of downloads or complicated setup. See it for yourself.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Real-time collaboration for effective support
  • Improved first-call resolution rates
  • Reduced average handling time
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Boost to conversions, sales, and revenue
  • Enhanced Security – Configurable blocking for sensitive content protection

Shared Browsing Across Industries

Grypp’s co-browsing software streamlines collaboration and guidance for numerous sectors, including e-commerce, telecommunications, healthcare, finance, insurance, and more.


Simplify service selection, plan comparisons, and device support with real-time guidance and collaboration.


Enhance shopping with product recommendations and expert assistance through co-browsing.


Improve support with guided billing inquiries, outage reports, and service requests with co-browsing.

Travel & Hospitality

Transform the booking process, deliver custom travel itineraries, and rapidly solve inquiries with co-browse.


Streamline account management, loan applications, and transactions with guided assistance.


Expedite policy selection, claims processing, and document verification seamlessly.

Impact of Co-Browsing on KPIs

Grypp's SecureBrowse solution delivers significant improvements on essential KPIs


Real-time collaboration and guidance ensure efficient resolution of customer inquiries during the initial interaction.


Shared browsing experiences optimize communication, enabling agents to address customer issues rapidly and reduce overall handling time.


Personalized assistance and real-time support through co-browsing enhance customer experiences, driving satisfaction scores and loyalty.

“This is a fabulous tool, a real game changer for us in so many ways."

operations manager SME, vodafone

SecureBrowse Features

Secure Co-browsing is a powerful tool for contact centers to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide a better customer experience.

Viewport Matching

You see what they see and vice versa. Seamlessly boost engagement and improve communication.

Session Recording

Review past co-browsing sessions for quality assurance, training, and performance analysis purposes.

Session Locking

Allow customers or agents to lock the session to enter sensitive infomation like credit card details.

multi-Device adaptable

Ensure a consistent experience across desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with device flexibility.

Easy to Integrate

Seamlessly incorporate Grypp's co-browsing solution on any website without code.

Secure & Compliant

Protect sensitive data and uphold industry compliance using encrypted co-browsing sessions.

More than just a co-browsing solution

Grypp is the digital engagement layer for all of your customer conversations. Book a demo to uncover how Grypp can help:

Address customer pain points effectively

Enhance collaboration and real-time support

Boost customer satisfaction across industries

Simplify problem-solving and guidance