White Paper: How to Turn Your Cost Center into a Profit Center

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Uncover how top call centers are using technology like visual engagement and Chat-GPT style LLMs to slash costs and boost profits.


It’s no secret that the business world is fiercely competitive, with companies constantly seeking ways to cut costs and operate more efficiently. This is especially true in 2024. With economic and geopolitical uncertainty looming, business leaders are being forced to carefully reconsider their expenses.

One department, notoriously seen as a “cost center” – seems to find itself in the crosshairs for many organizations. We’re talking about the humble contact center.

But this might be the wrong way to think about contact centers.

Have you ever considered that your contact center could be more than just a cost center? 

What if you could turn it into a profit center? 

Consider this: 

Businesses lose approximately $75 billion annually due to poor customer service. 

What would it mean to your company’s profitability if you could minimize this loss, retain your customers at a higher rate, and maximize LTV across your customer base? All without changing your business model, product, or services?

By reimagining your approach to contact centers, you can do just that.

This white paper will share the top 4 strategies to help you transform your contact center in order to drive profitability.

Strategy #1: Leveraging Visual Engagement to Supercharge Contact Centers

Implementation time: 2 – 4 weeks

Consider this.

According to a study:

  • Our eyes can register 36,000 visual messages per hour
  • Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text
  • Visuals improve comprehension by up to 400%

So why is nearly all of our customer service communication purely audio or text-based?

This is especially problematic for complex cases like navigating websites, troubleshooting technical issues, clearing up billing confusion, and so on. Trying to guide an inexperienced user through a complicated technical issue through voice alone is a recipe for long calls and frustration. 

And yet this is the standard approach today.

But imagine how much easier it would be to resolve these issues if you could just show customers the solution instead of having to explain it with just audio or text. 

Moreover – imagine how much better your customer service would be compared to your competitors if you could do so.

Visual engagement platforms….

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