Customer Engagement Platform
for Banking

Delight your customers and simplify their banking experience by easily adding visuals to every interaction.


Customer Experience Platform
Features for Banking

Visualize & Build Deals

Visualize account, credit card, and mortgage options to boost sales.

Accept T&C's

Slash AHT by visually reviewing and approving T&C's in seconds.

ID Verification

Easily verify your customers while complying to all KYC rules.

Fill Forms & Claims

Have customers and agents fill forms together to eliminate errors.

Capture Signatures

Reduce friction by collecting compliant signatures right on a call.

Upload & Share Docs

Visually reference bills to resolve customer questions without friction.

Digital Experience Platform For Banking in Action

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Retail Banking Customer Experience Software

Case Study: Outperforming Digital Channels with a Painless Call Center Upgrade

A multinational organization wanted to improve its call center performance to match its digital channel.


Because customers could visually compare product offers online, but not during phone calls — the organization needed some way to close this gap. They asked Grypp to help.


Grypp provided their agents with intuitive, user-friendly visualization tools. Within weeks of deploying Grypp, the company achieved record attachment rates and conversions in their call center, beating their online channel.

per quarter

from voice

Attach Rate

vs. baseline


on platform and support

With a digital banking experience platform

Supercharge Your KPIs


Show available deals and help clients easily compare complex options. Upsell, cross-sell, and improve revenue.


Improve customer experience by making it easier for customers to get what they want and understand what they don't.


Approve T&C's in seconds, fill complicated forms together, and easily upload documents to achieve first-call resolution.


Add the personal touch with live video to build trust, improve engagement, and create a human connection.


Simplify verification, streamline document sharing, and show in seconds what takes minutes to explain.


Easily achieve full security and privacy compliance in your call center communications.

Banking White Paper

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"A lot of our older customers have difficulty with technology... this tool will be so helpful to guide them through things and save time"

Team Lead for Global Bank

The Benefits of Using Grypp's Digital Customer Experience Platform for Banks

More productive call centers

Eliminate manual verification, breeze through T&C’s, and complete forms in real-time to avoid costly data errors. Do in seconds what used to take minutes.

Happier customers, more sales

Make banking with you a breeze. Delight your customers by making the complex simple. Upsell and cross-sell with the help of visuals.

Quick, painless, compliant

Deploy in weeks with a no-code API and easily ensure your call centers are compliant to all cyber-security and communication requirements.

Call Center Software for Banking

Get a free demo and discover how Grypp will help you:

Empower your agents with intuitive, easy-to-use visualization

Delight your customers and improve customer loyalty

Supercharge KPIs like sales, AHT, and first-call resolution

Deploy rapidly and generate 36x ROI in mere months