Visual Customer Engagement

Add engaging visuals to all customer service interactions. Co-browse, stream video, share docs, collect signatures, and so much more. 10X your CX today.

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Deliver Unparalleled Customer Experiences

Grypp transforms customer interactions by equipping your agents with powerful visual engagement tools. Use co-browsing to visually guide your customers through any problem. Quickly and easily share documents and images. Collect compliant digital signatures. Stream video to diagnose and solve issues quickly. And so much more.

Visual Engagement
Benefits at a Glance

  • Supercharged customer experience
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Streamlined processes
  • Reduced miscommunication

Contact Center Visual Engagement Solution for All Industries

Grypp’s visual customer engagement streamlines collaboration and guidance for contact centers in all verticals.


Resolve issues faster with visual guidance, improve customer satisfaction and reduce AHT.


Elevate the shopping experience by showcasing products in real-time, driving higher conversion rates.


Clarify complex billing inquiries and service issues with visual support, streamlining customer interactions.


Enhance trip planning with visual booking options and travel itineraries. Boost conversions and loyalty.


Strengthen security with visual ID verification and streamline transactions with real-time assistance.


Streamline claims with visual document and policy reviews. Ensure accurate and efficient processing.

Impact of Visual Engagement on KPIs

Grypp's co-browsing solution delivers significant improvements on essential KPIs


Swiftly address customer issues with real-time visual support, reducing the need for follow-up calls.


Boost sales by visually presenting products and services, driving customer interest and engagement.


Accelerate problem-solving with visual aids, cutting down on support call durations.


Guide your customers to the next step of their buying journey with engaging visuals and real-time support.


Enhance customer experiences and satisfaction with interactive, personalized support.


Strengthen customer and agent loyalty by offering engaging and seamless support experiences.

“This is a fabulous tool, a real game changer for us in so many ways."

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Contact Center Visual Engagement Software Features

Make customers the center of your process. Reduce friction, resolve issues faster, and maximize customer happiness.


Browse web pages together with customers for clear communication and quick problem-solving.

Video Streaming

Personalize customer experiences and diagnose issues quickly with live video streaming capabilities.

Document Sharing

Easily and securely share images and docs to streamline customer queries and simplify billing.

Virtual Showroom

Protect sensitive information and maintain industry compliance standards during every visual engagement session.

Signature collection

Collect secure and compliant digital signatures right on the call and maximize first-call resolution.

ID Verification

Quickly and easily verify customer identities with KYC compliant digital ID verification.

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