Redefine Efficient Customer Support with Real-Time Visualization: Why Describe When You Can Show

In the world of customer support, the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” couldn’t be more relevant. Traditional voice-only calls, a fixture in contact centers for over a century, have become isolated as the last major non-digital component in an increasingly digital customer journey. This isolation creates friction and often leads to increased Average Handling Time (AHT) and poor Customer Experience (CX).

The Struggle of Voice-Only Support

Take, for example, the common scenario of a customer struggling with modem setup. When limited to voice calls, the conversation can quickly become a labyrinth of technical jargon and miscommunication. The customer, unable to convey what they see, and the agent, unable to visualize the customer’s setup, leads to frustration on both ends.

Grypp - Why Describe When You Can Show

Customer: (Confused) I’m looking at this modem, and nothing makes sense!
Agent: Okay, just describe the lights to me. What’s the top one doing?Customer: It’s green. But that doesn’t help me with my problem!
Agent: Green is good. It’s the power. But what about the next light?
Customer: (Increasingly frustrated) It’s blinking, I don’t know, orange or red? It’s not clear!
Agent: Alright, is it a fast blink or a slow blink?
Customer: (Annoyed) How am I supposed to know what kind of blink it is? It’s just blinking! This would be so much easier if I could just show you.
Agent: (Feeling helpless) Maybe unplug it and plug it back in
Customer: (Disgruntled) I’m doing it, but I don’t see how this will help…
Agent: (Desperate) Sorry, it’s the best I can do without seeing the actual problem.
Customer: Alright, lights are back on… and it’s still not working!
Agent: (Defeated) Sorry, this is impossible without being able to see what’s happening.

A customer’s typical call for technical support – a dreaded 8 to 15 minutes of abstract conversation, filled with confusion and often ending with a less-than-satisfactory experience.

Cut Down Abstract Conversations

Now, visualize a different scenario where Grypp intervenes, slicing through the abstract with precise, visual clarity. By integrating digital visualization into voice calls, Grypp eliminates the guesswork. Instead of describing what a blinking light might look like, an agent can turn on the video capability and let the customer show it, or better yet, guide a customer through a visual manual in real-time and leave a copy with them for post call self -serve fix. This not only slashes AHT but also boosts First Call Resolution (FCR) and overall satisfaction.

The benefits don’t stop there. Visual support means errors due to miscommunication plummet, and the dreaded returns due to mismatched expectations become a thing of the past. Agents can now show customers the product in-call, ensuring they know exactly what they’re getting, reducing returns by as much as 50%.

Digital tools provided by Grypp allow for completing transactions within the call—filling forms, making payments, and uploading documents without the need for callbacks. This immediacy and clarity translate to better Net Promoter Scores (NPS), as customers are more involved and informed throughout the call.

Grypp can target the contact center’s key objectives. For example, it enhances sales by allowing real-time product comparisons and interactive options, leading to better conversions and higher average order values. It also reduces costs by decreasing the need for follow-up calls and returns, further enhancing the customer’s experience and satisfaction. Check out the case studies. 

In conclusion, Grypp’s integration of digital visualization with voice calls represents a significant step forward in customer service. It proves that showing is not only more effective than describing but can also transform customer support from a potential point of frustration to a seamless, efficient, and even enjoyable experience for both customers and agents.

Seeing is Believing – Ready to see it in action?


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