Grypp’s Customer Engagement Innovation Honored with Triple Finalist Nominations at Engage Awards

Grypp’s Innovation in Customer Engagement Earns Triple Finalist Nominations at the 2023 ENGAGE Awards

London, September 18, 2023 — Grypp, the pioneering visual engagement platform designed to transform the contact center industry, is thrilled to announce its outstanding achievement as a finalist in three prestigious categories at the esteemed ENGAGE Awards.

Celebrating Excellence in Customer Engagement

Grypp’s unwavering dedication to innovation, customer satisfaction, and its mission to improve conventional call centers as Engagement Centers has secured its place among the finalists in the following categories:

1. Best Customer Engagement Initiative: In the company of industry giants like BT, Lloyds Bank, Airshot, Contentsquare, IFS, Resource Sustainable Creativity, and Portmeirion app by Intelligence Mobile, Grypp’s nomination underscores the industry’s collective commitment to enhancing customer satisfaction through innovative initiatives.

2. Best Customer Contact Transformation: Grypp joins distinguished entities such as Natwest, Beauty Pie, Magalu, Orla, and Leeds City Council in a collective effort to reshape the future of customer contact and redefine industry standards.

3. Best Use of Technology in Customer Engagement: Grypp is honored to share this category with industry leaders like CarrefourSA, Natwest, Zevo Health, Virgin Media, Davies & esure, Belron International, BOXT, Mallcomm, and Junkyard Golf Club. Together, we pioneer a tech-driven approach that introduces multi-sensory communication capabilities, setting new industry benchmarks in customer engagement.

A Visionary Solution for a New Era

Grypp’s unique proposition centers on transforming conventional Contact Centers into Engagement Centers. In an era where voice calls have long been the primary communication method, Grypp introduces a revolutionary multi-sensory communication capability that integrates visual elements to enhance the overall customer experience. This visionary approach bridges the engagement gap that has persisted in traditional contact centers.

Join us on this Journey

Grypp extends its heartfelt gratitude to its exceptional team and valued clients who have made these achievements possible. Together, Grypp and its partners are dedicated to elevating customer engagement, challenging industry norms, and setting new standards for the future.

As the anticipation builds for the ENGAGE Awards results, Grypp eagerly looks forward to celebrating these remarkable milestones with its supporters and industry peers.

Last year, the team had a wonderful celebration with industry peers when they received the “Best Integration of Sales Technology” award in 2022

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